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THE EVOLUTION in website development in remarkable from the last decade. Today, the web is a growing universe of netted web pages and web apps.


Overflowing with videos, photos, and interactive content. But what an average user doesn’t see is the interplay of web technologies and browsers that makes all these possible..

According to the community for developers; Codecondo, it is estimated that as of 2017 October, over 8.4 Billion devices were connected to the internet and projections point at the total increase to about 50 Billion devices by 2020.

And as per a  new study commissioned by a popular domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy,


This Golden Age of web development and design, signalling new small business growth and an economic boost, shows no sign of slowing down.


Any country’s economics growth is fuelled largely by the continuous flourishness in the retail, travel, e-commerce and other important industries. And these industries are in great haste to reach their potential customers.


All sorts of needs and requirements of the customers are attainable through website. And small businesses are reaching the unreachable customers within the fraction after the website getting launched.



Professionals, who are  eager to learn about the evolving technologies of web development is bound to constantly grow and flourish due to the competition around the market.


This article for all the above mentioned and for those technology enthusiasts who are anxious to learn amazing facts about website development.

Through this article, you would get to know the following:


  • Top 5 latest technologies that evolved website development.
  • Also, which popular companies are using these latest web technologies.
  • And in between you would get a bird-eye view of website development and its nuances.

Here are the top 5 web technologies that evolved web development:

  1. JavaScript

javascript technology


JavaScript is an interpreted or JIT compiled, light-weighted, a programming language that has first-class functions. It is the most in-demand language among companies and web developers alike.

In fact, the StackOverflow Developers Survey results, 2018 termed JavaScript as the most popular programming language by professional developers worldwide.


Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
  • Ruby on Rails

Ruby_On_Rails Technology


No doubt for beginners, learning to develop modern web applications is quite daunting. But Ruby on Rails, it all becomes easier and fun. Three major design principles are followed by the Ruby on Rails framework, promoting a great level of simplicity in building sophisticated systems.


Let’s dig deep down to understand these principles in detail-

MVC or Model View Controller Architecture-


In MVC architecture, there exists three interconnected layers in a web application. This pattern facilitates the testing and decoupling, thereby improving their maintainability.


DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)-


As the name suggests, repetition of information in a system is reduced due to this design principle in Ruby on Rails.


Conventions over configurations paradigm-


This principle renders a helping hand to developers by saving their time and efforts involved. Since this framework assumes what exactly the developer wants to do and also how it is to be done, the specifications regarding configuration files need not be kept in mind.


Owing to these great benefits offered by Ruby on Rails in development, a handful of big names were built with Ruby on Rails. GitHub, Zendesk, Square, Cookpad, SoundCloud, are some of them.

  • Node.JS

Node.js technology


As above, with Node.JS getting all the limelight, developers skilled in it seem to be getting a lot of attention. In fact, if you go by the statistics, the number of job postings for Node.JS developers alone have increased by 2500%.


Here is a screenshot for the increase in demand for technical skills:

The 10 Technical Skills With Explosive Growth In Job Demand


No doubt, Node.JS offers a handful of benefits to developers in usage. In fact, some of the top companies have already adapted Node.JS in server side development.


The best example of Node.JS early adopters who were benefited by its usage are Netflix and Paypal.

Did you know using Node.JS, Netflix changed from a 40 minute + startup time to less than a minute?


While for Paypal, here is what Sameera Rao, Paypal’s Sr. Business Products Engineering Manager said:

Node.js and an all Javascript development stack helped PayPal bring efficiencies in engineering and helped rethink and reboot product, design and operational thinking.

  • React

reactjs technology

Using React in user interface development renders a number of benefits. ase of learning and usage, component reusability, virtual DOM, great designing and debugging tools, simpler to write with JSX, are some that tops the list.




Although React has a steep learning curve, learning it is worthwhile considering it helps in developing applications more efficiently. In fact, seeing the great benefits React has got to offer, a large number of top companies are utilizing React in their production.


Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Reddit are some of the top names that use React in their production.


No doubt, Node.JS offers a handful of benefits to developers in usage. In fact, some of the top companies have already adapted Node.JS in server side development. The best example of Node.JS early adopters who were benefited by its usage are Netflix and Paypal.

  • Haskell

Haskell Technology


This functional language has a strong static inference system. Its type-safety helps produce codes that have minimum side effects.


Further, Haskell’s compiler creates correct, concise and clean codes from outset. It also offers a number of benefits that can be associated with a functional language.


Precisely, Haskel encourage safe routes for programming, leads to fast prototyping, has generic routines that have easy syntax, and over all helps in increasing the productivity of the programmer.


Here is a screenshot to understand the diffrence of code in Haskell & Java:


Haskell vs Java


Web development is nothing but working on the development of user interface and client side of a website or a web application. In total, thses technologies boosted the interactive & dynamic websites and applications that we see.


For this, programming or coding enables the website’s functionality as per the requirements of the client or the website developer.


As you now know, how web development technologies have truly revolutionized the way e-commerce and tech startups/ companies interact with their consumers.


The above, latest web development technologies have all together evolved website development by helping developers build interactive, informative and user friendly websites.


Further framework like Node.JS help decrease the start up time which is a major point of consideration.


So want an interactive and functional website to grow your business with enhancing the latest web technologies?

I bet sure…


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